Portland Employment Opportunity

Portland job opportunities

Are you looking for a job that offers:

A fair, living wage?
A friendly, positive, team atmosphere?
Benefits (insurance / retirement), bonuses, and paid time off?
Advancement opportunities?
A fast-paced atmosphere where the scenery constantly changes?
Appreciation, significance, and pride in and for your work?

Are you an individual who:

Is hard working and possesses a “can-do” attitude?
Likes working with and for people?
Enjoys a physically demanding job?
Is honest, reliable, and dependable?
Treats others with kindness and respect?
Has a clean criminal background and a driver’s license?

Great Career Opportunity in Portland

If you answered “yes” to these questions, Clean Services Northwest would like to talk to you about a great career opportunity. Additionally, if you have experience in any of the following: window cleaning (high rise or residential window cleaning), pressure washing, carpet cleaning, and/or roof and gutter cleaning, we definitely would encourage you to call for an interview. If you do not possess such experience, but are just an awesome person in general and are eager to learn new things, we want to talk to you too!

Clean Services Northwest is not a fly-by-night, here today, gone tomorrow company that you often see in the property maintenance arena. We have been in business since 1998, providing superior property maintenance services and solutions to the greater Portland metro area. We are known as a leader in the professional property maintenance industry. Our people is what makes our company successful, our management team is very aware of this fact, and it shows in our style of management. We expect a lot from the people on our team, they should also expect the same effort from those leading them. We offer health insurance, paid time off, retirement plans, and bonuses. At Clean Services Northwest, our employees are valued and appreciated and it shows.

We are currently hiring in Portland:

• High rise window cleaners (experience is a must)
• Ground crew window cleaners (opportunity for advancement to high rise)
• Carpet cleaning technicians

Know that at Clean Services Northwest, we place an emphasis on safety and training. Every new employee undergoes multiple days of practice and orientation before stepping foot onto an actual jobsite, followed by close supervision in the field by an experienced member of the crew that is tasked with showing a new employee exactly how it is that we do our jobs. How do we do our jobs? Very well and very safely. This “shadowing” of experienced crew members can go on for months. As long as it takes. We will never ask you to do anything unsafe and we strictly adhere to OSHA, the International Window Cleaning Association, and other safety guidelines and protocols. If done properly, our work is very, very safe.

Great PDX Jobs

The Clean Services Northwest environment is not for everybody. We are a professional company with a professional image. Does wearing a uniform to work bother or upset you? If yes, Clean Services Northwest is probably not a good fit. Do you have trouble getting along with others, often find yourself in confrontation, or prefer to always work alone and avoid people all together? Again, if yes, Clean Services Northwest is not the place for you. Are you the type of person that is going to show up for work with a smile on your face, greet your coworkers in a friendly manner, and show enthusiasm for accomplishing some goals? Clean Services most probably IS the place for somebody like you.

A typical day at Clean Services Northwest is anything but typical. While we do require flexibility with regard to hours, location and job description, this also means that the scenery is always changing. One day you might be downtown pressure washing, turning sidewalks from grimy to immaculate, while the next you could be at an apartment complex in Lake Oswego cleaning windows. Nights and weekend work is common at Clean Services Northwest. The upside is that most of our crew consistently logs full 40 hour weeks, and during the busy seasons, there is often overtime to be had, making those paychecks all the more enjoyable.

What else is expected of a Clean Services Northwest employee? We lug equipment around, such as large ladders, ropes, buckets, and machinery. We use the equipment properly and safely. We give each other a hand. We double-check our work. We smile and greet customers and the general public. We have a little bit of fun, maybe make a little game or competition with our work provided it’s the time and place for such a thing. We go the extra mile, especially when and where it makes sense, such as detailing a little extra around highly visible areas. We own up to mistakes that we make with the knowledge that management knows that nobody is perfect. We take pride in knowing that what we are doing is making our lives, the lives of our customers, and the world in general a better place. We go home at the end of the day proud of what we have done, our muscles a little tired, but ready to get up and do it all again tomorrow. If there is such a thing as a typical day at Clean Services Northwest, this is probably the best description of what it looks like. How does that sound to you?

At Clean Services Northwest, we like to think of ourselves as a very fair, common sense company. We are forthright and honest; whether dealing with our customers, the general public, or our valued employees. We believe that without your integrity, you don’t have much, and that’s an attitude that is fewer and father between these days. It ultimately comes down to the Golden Rule. If you can appreciate a company that abides by such a simple, yet significant principle and you feel the same way…why not call 503-762-5915 and say hello? We are friendly folks and always eager to hear from quality, ambitious people who are serious about making a positive step in their careers and are willing to work for it.

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