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Clean Services Northwest is the premier pressure washing company in the Portland metro.  We service hundreds of accounts each year, cleaning sidewalks, structures, driveways, roofs, and pretty much anything else that one might think of that requires pressure washing.  Whether a client requires a small area that may just take a few hours to be cleaned, or an entire complex, there is no job too big or too small, Clean Services Northwest does it all.

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Founded in 1998, Clean Services has grown into a company with the degree of professionalism and level of experience that is sure to satisfy your facility maintenance needs. Our technicians are highly trained on matters of both safety and the importance of quality. Techniques for both are taught and then revisited periodically, ensuring that work is done to the highest standard known to the industry. We are committed to the principle that you will not find a better property maintenance company to work with in the Portland metro.

What are you looking for in a service provider? First of all, you want somebody who shows up and does so on time, right? Clean Services strives to keep all appointments, and while certain factors (usually weather) do occasionally cause delay we’ll never leave you hanging without an answer. If our schedule changes, you’ll know. We think that honesty, integrity, and communication are keys to the successful relationships that we have with our customers.

Another quality that you are certainly looking for in a service provider is professionalism. Clean Services Northwest exemplifies professionalism. Our technicians are uniformed, they are polite, good communicators, and they are eager to exceed your expectations. We do not hire temporary labor and we pay living wages, allowing us to attract higher caliber employees. The kind that you will not feel uneasy about having on your property. Furthermore, our vehicles are clean, late-model units with attractive, visible logos. Our new specialty pressure washing truck looks great, and helps us complete our work efficiently and quickly, as it is just the right setup. We are not showing up in a 1983 van with various colors of paint, missing hubcaps, and expired license plates. Our equipment is up to date and always replaced well before the end of its usable life. Not only do we know what we are doing, we look like we know what we our doing. That’s important to your image; that’s important to our image.

Safety. You are looking for a company that takes safety seriously. At Clean Services Northwest, safety is not a priority, it is THE priority. We are proud members of the International Window Cleaning Association and we regularly attend their annual conventions. At the conventions, the emphasis is on safety and we attend every class available on the subject. Clean Services carries the information gathered at the conventions (and through other means) back to our regularly scheduled safety meetings and it is implemented in our extensive employee training program. Safety plans are developed for each individual job and the concept of safety is repeatedly stressed by company owners, managers, and leadership in the field. We are on top of all OSHA regulations and our meetings stress them. Safety is on ongoing, everyday theme at Clean Services Northwest.

When you hire somebody to do a job, you expect it to be done right. You expect quality. Surfaces that are not properly pressure washed can end up looking spotted, streaked, and worse than even before the work was done. Even more alarming is the fact that a careless, untrained technician can damage property if improperly operating the equipment or using the wrong equipment all together. At Clean Services Northwest, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence is how we operate. Every cleaning technician is diligently trained on how to properly accomplish the job with which they are tasked. Furthermore, our commercial jobsite protocol includes both pre-job and post-job inspections and evaluations. Just like our third grade math teacher taught us, it is important to check the work. When pressure washing, we want to know exactly the level of detail expected, then exceed those expectations. Simply put, we do the job so well that you won’t have to think about or be bothered with it.

Clean Services has the right equipment to get the job done correctly. We have certified lift operators and access to a myriad of aerial lifts (from which we routinely perform pressure washing). We have a team of high rise cleaners that are fully trained and skilled on bosun’s chairs and we routinely pressure wash while suspended. We have suspension systems (know in the industry as mules) for buildings that require bosun’s chair work but do not have adequate anchor points. We have just about every different pressure washing tip or other apparatus ever made. We have new, modern, powerful machines, including hot water capability to do the job right. We are experienced with operating off hours, late at night, or on the weekend. Clean Services Northwest literally has hundreds of pieces of equipment, and just the right stuff to complete your job.

What else is Clean Services doing to make your job easier? How about a knowledgeable, personable, responsive staff in the office that is eager to assist with any question, be it about scheduling, the scope of work to be performed, pricing, or billing? We’ve got that, and are available Monday through Friday during regular business hours, ready to provide solutions.

At the end of the day, you want somebody who makes your job easier; that being a provider that is affordable for your organization. A provider that will show up on time and complete the job without any headaches. A provider that is safe, reliable, and professional. A company that wants to be a partner in solving your property maintenance problems. That’s Clean Services Northwest. We are the solution guys. Allow us to put our 20 years of experience to work for you. Please call or email. We are eager to answer any questions that you might have.