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When you call Clean Services Northwest for your residential gutter cleaning needs, expect friendly, professional, efficient service from scheduling through the completion of your work. Our focus is on your satisfaction, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our professionally trained technicians are committed to safety and quality, giving our customers the value that they expect. Clean Services Northwest has been around the block, so to speak. Our company has likely worked in your neighborhood before, having been in business and cleaning gutters since 1998.  As you can imagine, this is not necessarily true for many individuals and companies in the gutter cleaning and home maintenance industry. Experience matters. Gutter cleaning is dangerous. Trust Clean Services Northwest to do it properly and safely.

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Though it is not rocket science, there are tricks and techniques with regard to both safety and quality that can only be grasped through years of experience. How to get make sure that the ladder does not damage the gutter or home? We’ve done it and have the equipment. What about clogged downspouts? We know how to deal with such a situation. When and when not to use a pressure washer to assist with the cleaning, both inside your gutters and out? We’ve seen it hundreds of times. Single story, forty feet or higher, small, large, condos, hillsides…we have done it. We are a company that is passionate about service and customer satisfaction. Read a little bit more about our gutter service below, and feel free to give us a call with any additional questions or to book your gutter cleaning service. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions regarding our gutter cleaning:



How much does gutter cleaning cost?

Our standard pricing for gutter cleaning is $120 for the first 75 linear feet of gutters and $1.25 per linear foot thereafter. A typical home generally prices out at $120-$200, with extraordinarily large homes costing more accordingly. We ensure that gutters are completely free of all debris and that downspouts are clear and fully functional.

What method do you use to clean gutters?

The great majority of the time, we clean gutters by laddering up to them and hand-scooping debris out into a bucket. While this is a bit time-consuming, it is the cleanest, safest, and most thorough way to accomplish the task. We use ladder stand-off equipment when cleaning the gutters in this manner, so as not to place unnecessary pressure on your gutters that may dent or ding them. We also find that using buckets rather than just throwing the debris on the ground is both more efficient and desirable to our customers. In rare occasions, way may depart from these methods and use a pressure washer or other equipment to assist in the job, but we will always explain the reasoning to you, the customer, prior to doing so.

Will you treat and/or clean my roof in addition to gutter cleaning?

Absolutely. The most common problem for Portland-area homeowners with regards to their roofs is a buildup of moss and/or algae. In such cases we like to apply a zinc oxide product that will kill the moss and loosen its grip. We then return a few weeks later and gently brush the debris from the roof. As you can imagine, gutter cleaning should be done after this process is complete. Pricing for this service ranges, as the severity and size of the work required will vary greatly.

How often do most of your clients have gutter cleaning performed?

Most customers have their gutters cleaned annually, after the leaves have fallen. Sometimes, composite roofing debris or some other foreign material will clog gutters and they will require attention outside the norm. A good rule of thumb is to get it done early in the winter, and if at any other point during the year your gutters are not performing, give us a call and we’ll get you fixed up.

Can a receive a discount or special pricing on pressure washing?

Yes. Clean Services is happy to provide discounts of 10% or more when customers book two or more of our other services in conjunction. You are already getting your gutters cleaned, why not add in window cleaning, really spruce up the place and save money doing so? Perhaps it’s time to have some pressure washing on the driveway and walk performed; it needs to be done, so allow us to take care of it along with those other tasks that you don’t like doing yourself. Perhaps you’d like to have the carpets cleaned? Not a problem, plus, you’ll be saving time by having everything done at once. No need to meet several providers and deal with many companies at your home. With Clean Services Northwest, one call does it all!

Do you clean the outsides of my gutters as well as the inside?

Standard gutter cleaning pricing does not include detailing the exterior of the gutters. We will clean and wipe down all areas affected by the cleaning. We will also detail or “whiten” the exterior of your gutters should you desire, but there will be a charge for the additional service.

Will you move objects that may be in the way?

To the best of our ability, yes. Outdoor furniture, planters, art, and such are routinely moved and replaced to ensure complete cleaning. We will certainly move and replace all objects that are 25 pounds or less, and as you hopefully have gathered from reading our site thus far, we are a helpful bunch of folks. If we can safely make it happen, we will. In closing, hundreds of home-owners throughout the Portland metro area choose Clean Services Northwest for their gutter cleaning. They keep calling us back because we treat our customers as we’d like to be treated ourselves. We provide a needed, valuable service, and we do so in a professional manner. Our techs are friendly, uniformed, and they enjoy making our customers happy. Call Clean Services Northwest today and book gutter cleaning for your home.