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When you call Clean Services Northwest for your residential window cleaning needs, expect friendly, professional, efficient service from scheduling through the completion of your work. Our focus is on your satisfaction, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our professionally trained technicians are committed to safety and quality, giving our customers the value that they expect.

Clean Services Northwest has been around the block, so to speak. Our company has likely worked in your neighborhood before, having been in business and cleaning residential windows since 1998. As you can imagine, this is not necessarily true for many individuals and companies in the window cleaning industry. Experience matters. Though it is not rocket science, there are tricks and techniques with regard to both safety and quality that can only be grasped through years of experience. How to reach that window way at the top safely? We’ve done it. Those hard water stains that have been clouding your view for years? We know how to remove them. Interior, exterior, mirrors, shower doors, skylights, frosted glass, big panes, tiny panes…you name it, we have seen it.

We are a company that is passionate about service and customer satisfaction. Read a little bit more about our residential window cleaning service below, and feel free to give us a call with any additional questions or to book your next window cleaning.

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Window Cleaning Counting Guide

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Use the following samples to determine how to count your windows. Each individual section of divided glass is tallied as a pane.
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Frequently asked questions regarding our residential window cleaning service:

How much does window cleaning cost?

Our pricing structure is quite simple. The first 34 individual panes of glass at your home are cleaned for $120. It does not matter the size, as a large window doesn’t take much longer than a small window, most of the work is in the setup process, and they all tend to even out in the end. Beyond the first 34 panes ($120), each additional pane is $3.50. So a typical home that had 40 panes would be cleaned for $141 if just the interior or exterior were being cleaned, or $281 for both the interior and exterior.

This pricing includes the wiping of frames, screens, and nominal debris/mineral deposit removal. Screen cleaning (beyond wiping down) is available for $3.00 each. While not typical, extenuating circumstances can result in additional charges. Examples of situations where additional charges could occur would be: the use of a 40’ ladder for extraordinarily high windows, storm window removal and cleaning, and/or excessive mineral deposits or other debris that is adhered to the glass. If your home has a substantial amount of very small panes, such as French windows or cut-ups, we will charge a lower rate.

Note: when counting your panes, each individual section of divided glass is tallied as a pane.

What method do you use to clean windows?

The great majority of the time we clean all glass professionally, using a mop, lightly soaped water, and a squeegee. Our technicians are also trained in a technique known as “the swirl” in which an entire pane of glass is cleaned in one motion, eliminating streaks and ensuring full coverage of the window. Rest assured that our technicians are detail oriented and take pride in their work.

In rare cases, water-fed poles may be more economical for certain homes with an abundance of windows and a tighter budget. Additionally, lint-free rags and ammonia spray may be used in cases where there is an abundance of very small panes of glass. In either case, the homeowner or occupant of the residence will be consulted prior to either of these methods being employed.

We’ve decided to sell our home. What kind of benefit can we see by having the windows cleaned?

Money Magazine ranked “Window Cleaning” as the number one pre-sale investment when selling a home. Whether selling a home or not, think about the difference between dusty, steaked, grimy windows that have cobwebs and other debris on them and shimmering, crystal-clear windows that wink in the sunlight. It is literally like a face-lift for a home, and not one of those weird looking face-lifts either. The Money Magazine article reported that the return on investment for having windows cleaned in a home on the market was a whopping 768%. If we weren’t so good at window cleaning, we’d become investment advisors, because that is an impressive number!

How often do most of your clients have their windows cleaned?

The majority of our clients have their windows cleaned twice a year. Some will have it done three or four times, but twice is our standard recommendation. Leaving them uncleaned for a year or longer can cause mineral stains or other “plaque” to build up on the glass, so some sort of regularly scheduled maintenance is definitely prudent. To each their own, but having windows cleaned more than four times per year is probably overkill.

Can a receive a discount or special pricing on window cleaning?

Yes. Clean Services is happy to provide discounts of 10% or more when customers book two or more of our other services in conjunction. You are already getting the windows cleaned, why not add in carpet cleaning, really spruce up the place and save money doing so? Perhaps it’s time to have the leaves cleared from the gutters; it needs to be done, so allow us to take care of it along with those other tasks that you don’t like doing yourself. Perhaps you’d like to improve your entry with some pressure washing. Not a problem, plus, you’ll be saving time by having everything done at once. No need to meet several providers and deal with many companies at your home. With Clean Services Northwest, one call does it all!

In closing, hundreds of home-owners throughout the Portland metro area choose Clean Services Northwest for their Window Cleaning. They keep calling us back because we treat our customers as we’d like to be treated ourselves. We provide a needed, valuable service, and we do so in a professional manner. Our techs are friendly, uniformed, and they enjoy making our customers happy. Call Clean Services Northwest today and book window cleaning for your home.