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Residential Cleaning Services Prices

Window Cleaning

Prices start at...
  • $3.50 per pane, per side, after the first 34 window panes.
  • Storm windows require onsite price.
  • Cut ups: $1.00 per square, per side.
  • Patio doors $3.50 per pane, per side.
  • Screens $3.00 each / Screen repair available
  • Skylights: $10 exterior, $15 interior.
  • Includes general wiping of exterior frames and interior tracks. Additional costs for detailing tracks.
  • Water fed poles may be used.
  • Pricing varies for multiple panes under 2 square feet (1’ X 2’) or above 24 square feet (6’ X 4’).
  • Removable storm windows will result in an added charge, the amount depending on the style, number and size.
  • Note that when counting your panes, each individual section of divided glass is tallied as a pane. Take a look at our window counting guide.
  • A $40 charge will apply to window cleaning requiring the use of a 40 ft. ladder.
  • Extra charge may apply for extremely difficult ladder work ie. Odd angles, steep slopes etc.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Prices start at...
$149//3 Rooms & Hallway
  • Scotch-guard protection is available at $20 per room.
  • Pet deodorizer is available at $30 per room. (Prochem Urine Rescue)
  • Upholstery cleaning available at $10-$15 per linear foot, depending on condition & material. (average couch = 8ft.  average loveseat = 6 ft.  Dining chairs $15-$25 ea. Overstuffed chairs $50-60)
  • Tile, linoleum and other hard surface cleaning is available, but requires an on-site estimate.
  • Includes moving and replacing objects up to 25lbs.
  • A room is defined as an area up to 200 square feet (14’ X 14’).
  • Our carpet cleaning is strictly hot-water extraction (the recommended medical standard) using truck-mount machines where accessible (van can be parked within 200’ of areas being cleaned).  We also have commercial-grade portable hot-water extraction machines for use in locations inaccessible by truck-mount (such as high rise buildings).
  • Prices are subject to a pre-inspection by the technician.  Cases where carpet is extremely soiled or multiple severe stains exist may alter pricing.

Gutter Cleaning

Prices start at...
$1.25//Linear foot
  • Gutters are hand cleaned, eliminating the mess created by alternative methods.
  • Gutters and downspouts are guaranteed to be free of all debris and are tested to ensure that they are functioning properly.
  • We use ladder “standoffs” so as not to make direct contact with your gutters which can cause denting and other damage.
  • Cleaning the exterior of the gutters or “whitening”, eliminating staining from spillover or algae, is available. May be an additional charge.
  • General wipe down of gutter face is included for a detailed cleaning it is $1.0

Pressure Washing

Requires on-site bid
On-site Bid Required
  • We have a plethora of pressure washing equipment for a variety of applications.
  • We typically clean sidewalks, driveways, patios, roofs, siding and entire homes.

Additional Services

On-site Bids Required
On-site Bids Required
  • Awning Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Snow Removal
More About Our Residential Cleaning Services

It’s a random Thursday morning in Portland. Mostly cloudy, moderate winds out of the East, heavy traffic on The Banfield. The kids are off to school, the stains they left over the past few months are still on the carpet. The windows are grimy. Rosie’s nose and paw prints are on the sliding back door and a bird dropping on the outside of a second-story window has been taunting you for months. The driveway is streaked with a mud/algae compound, and to top it off, Portland lost to Los Angeles last night. At home.

At 8:51, a sleek, black Sprinter van pulls up. A friendly, experienced technician in uniform knocks on the door five minutes ahead of schedule. Some of life’s little problems are about to meet their match. You have scheduled interior and exterior window cleaning, carpet cleaning for three rooms and a hallway, and some pressure washing for the driveway and front walk. Relax. We’ve got this.

Since 1998, Clean Services Northwest has been transforming residences in the Portland metro area from grime to shine and soiled to sublime. We specialize in window cleaning, carpet cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and more. One stop shopping, so to speak. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? Rather than calling three or four providers come, each offering a service, why not save time and money by having Clean Services Northwest do it all? Why not have Clean Services Northwest do it right? Not only are you saved the hassle, you’ll get a multiple service discount, saving you some money.

Most of us wear glasses at some point, be it for reading, by prescription, or to filter the sun and look devastatingly cool. If your glasses are dirty, smudged, streaked, and distracting, do you just leave them on? Of course not. You clean them. Why do we accept the same from our windows? Clean windows make a difference. They put a twinkle in your eye, a pep in your step. If properly cleaned, they make the world a brighter place. Unfortunately, not everybody cleans them properly. Windows are meant to be cleaned with a sponge and squeegee, not Windex and rolls of paper towels. Clean Services Northwest technicians have mastered the art of streak-free professional window cleaning. It’s something that takes practice and pride. If you’ve never had your windows professionally cleaned, we would be honored to introduce you to a whole new standard of living! Special situations such as storm windows, difficult to access windows, or mineral stained glass? It’s what we do! Clean Services Northwest technicians are the window cleaning experts.

There are some things that nobody notices until they’re not doing their job. Long snappers in football are one example; another are gutters. They aren’t given a second thought until a replica of Multnomah Falls is cascading over the miniature levees, scattering bark dust, ruining flower beds, and flattening beautiful haircuts. We’re blessed to have so many beautiful trees here in the Portland metro, but with them come leaves that render gutters useless. Cleaning those leaves out is not just tedious, it can be dangerous. Let us climb up there with our specialized ladders and equipment and do it for you. It’s what we do every day, not once a year. We’re used to it.

If you have carpets, it makes sense to have them regularly cleaned. We don’t want to gross you out by suggesting you think about all of the dirt and filth that a sponge-like, fibrous material covering your floor might retain, but think about all of the dirt and filth a sponge-like, fibrous material covering your floor might retain! Fortunately, Clean Services Northwest has the most modern, dynamic carpet extraction machines available, both portable (for condominium units accessible only by elevator) and truck-mount machines. Not only that, but our technicians have the expertise to get the most from this top of the line equipment. We are also knowledgeable with regard to chemicals and solutions, offering non-toxic, effective products for use in the extraction process. It’s about both safety and sanitization. Scotch Guard application, pet stain removal, odor control, upholstery cleaning, and service with a smile. That’s Clean Services Northwest.

It is so much easier to keep those carpets clean if the walkway into your home is clean as well. We are ready to remove all of the algae, moss, dirt, and other debris from the hard surfaces surrounding your home using state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment. As a primary service or as an add-on to having already been there, a little pressure washing is inexpensive and makes a world of difference. Don’t forget to ask about it!

Clean Services Northwest is licensed and insured for every scope of work that we perform. Our employees undergo thorough training, are background checked and pass a minimum experience threshold before working alone on residential projects; plus, we hire great people! Furthermore, do you have a special request, such as changing high lightbulbs, removing a stray Frisbee from the roof, or something of the like? Just ask. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Clean Services Northwest performs its work in every community with a 20-mile radius of Portland’s center, and we commonly travel further for a slight charge. If you reside between Vancouver and Wilsonville to the North and South, and Hillsboro and Troutdale to the East and West, you are within our normal area of operation.

So…2:06 that same afternoon. High pressure pushed up and it’s now partly sunny, a light breeze from the South, traffic is moderate, the afternoon rush is building. The kids will be home soon. They will recognize that something is a bit different. The neighbors will certainly notice. The carpets are spotless, shoes off! The windows shimmer, bathed in the fresh sunlight. The driveway and walk look like freshly poured concrete and newly laid masonry. That smiling technician in the sleek black van has just rounded the corner and disappeared out of sight. Hope is renewed, and why not; Sacramento’s at Portland tonight. Easy victories all around. Life is good.